The White House Holiday Decorations Are Back & Just As Terrifying As Ever

by Stephanie Maida · November 26, 2018

    First Lady Melania Trump has an interesting take on the holiday season. But despite her wish to spend Christmas on a deserted island, she has once again stuck around the White House to unveil some particularly nightmarish decorations.

    On Twitter, FLOTUS shared photos and video of her floating along a corridor of blood red trees, admiring a wreath made out of pencils, and looking at miniature renderings of "America's Treasures," which, apparently, only include famous buildings and a soccer ball.

    At the end, she exits, black coat draped around her shoulders and billowing like the cape of a Disney villain. She didn't ask for this role, but she'll play it 'til the end.

    At least this year, no live ballerinas were harmed in the making of this photo op.

    [Photo via @FLOTUS]