Style Spotlight: InStyle's Dana Avidan-Cohn And Alice + Olivia Co-Founder Rebecca Matchett

by Leigh Genetti · October 15, 2013

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    Ladies, we are coming to your sartorial rescue! No more awkward gaping holes in between your blouse buttons thanks to Alice + Olivia co-founder, Rebecca Matchett, who ventured into this territory and teamed up with InStyle's Essentials to create TrioFit. TrioFit blouses offer shirt sizes based on your height and your bust resulting in 30 sizes to choose from. We sat down for a quick chat with InStyle's Senior Marketing Editor, Dana Avidan-Cohn, and Trio Fit co-founder and CEO, Rebecca, to talk about TrioFit, fall fashion  and first jobs!

    Guest of a Guest: What were TrioFit's origins and purpose?  How did you startit for a "true fit" for women instead of a "one size fits all" type of product? Rebecca: Our goal has always been to provide every women with a sizing system that recognizes them as individuals. By sizing garments by bra size, we are able to fit a very broad range of body types and do away with the button pulling and ill-fitting proportions of traditionally sized clothing. A great fit leads to increased comfort and confidence. Clothing should help a woman feel great about herself, not self-conscious and insecure. A one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate for today's woman and should not be an acceptable standard.

    GofG: What's your favorite fall fashion trend? RThe first step in assessing any trend should be the consideration of how it looks on your body. Just because something is on trend does not mean that it is right for everyone. Everyone loves to have fresh, new pieces in their wardrobe, but a classic button front shirt can be as fresh and relevant as the hottest thing off the runway…if it fits!

    GofG: What was your very first job? R: My first job  in the industry was when I co-founded Alice + Olivia! I definitely learn best by being deeply involved and hands on! Dana: My first job was an internship at InStyle that turned into an assistant job.  You have to pay your dues and make sure to stand out!

    GofG: What were some of your favorite looks from New York Fashion Week? R: I love the use of textures and prints and am so excited to mix a lot of emerald green into my wardrobe. It's an incredibly rich and luxurious color! D: My favorite shows from NYFW were Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, Delpozo, and Honor.

    GofG: Is there a fashion trend you wish would go away permanently? R: I'm not a big fan of over the knee boots. You have to be pretty young and in pretty amazing shape to pull them off!

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