Crooked Beat Is Moving, But Staying In Adams Mo

by guestofaguest · August 19, 2010

    Crooked Beat Records is a dope little music den tucked away on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan.  Unless you're a serious music devotee, you might not even know it's there.  But if you ARE into music, or are a DJ, or like to pretend you're into that kind of stuff, you know what Crooked Beat is about.

    It's about providing a selection of music that doesn't fall into the mainstream.  It's about nurturing a community of true musically obsessed individuals who constantly scour the world for new tunes, new beats, new genres, new artists.  It's about providing access to no-strings-attached musical tastes.  It's about authenticity.

    Because Crooked Beat is such a gem, we panicked when the Twitterverse suggested the music mainstay was closing.  But, thank goodness for instant gratification social media: Facebook alerted us that in fact, Crooked Beat is simply moving to another location.  It's not closing for good.

    The new location, 2116 18th Street, will be home to Crooked Beat sometime in October (but you can probably read that in the Facebook clip below--forgive us if we're being redundant).  Phew!

    Inside the belly of the beast

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