Headlining At GLOW Josephine This Friday: DJ Chest Rockwell, A Multimillion-Heir

by Sophie Pyle · January 3, 2012

    International DJ Chest Rockwell is making major waves in the DC and international Electronic Dance Music scene, and will be headlining at Josephine for GLOW this Friday. Most people don't know that the handsome DJ is an heir to tens--possibly hundreds--of millions of dollars.

    Chest Rockwell's real name is  Nick Cafritz (KAY-fritz). He is the product of an ultimate Washington power marriage between his late father, one of the famous Cafritzes (Conrad is Nick's grandfather), and his mother, heir to the Rosenthal auto family fortune. Both families are regularly listed in DC wealth lists, but they definitely give a LOT of it away.

    Before I start making corny jokes about how his turntable is gold-plated and diamond-encrusted (it's not), let's get back on...track. Chest Rockwell has opened for Major Lazer, Cedric Gervais, Michael Mind, Harvard Bass and the Chainsmokerz, and will be releasing an EP in 2012. He has played his beats from Istanbul to Prague to NYC.

    [From GLOW's show on Thursday wth Laidback Luke]

    In short, we're pumped that he will be playing in the district this Friday. GLOW is known to attract a sexy crowd, so we will be sending a photographer to capture all the fun.

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    top photo courtesy Frank Wilson, bottom photos via GLOW