Political Princesses Open Emporio Armani Tysons Galleria With Water.org

by Sophie Pyle · October 30, 2012

    [Zanna Roberts Rassi, Kick Kennedy, Mary Anne Huntsman, Abby Huntsman, Chevenee Reavis, Jennifer Fisher by Paul Morigi]

    On Saturday afternoon, DC socials sipped and shopped with political royalty at the invite-only opening party for the new Emporio Armani store in Tysons Galleria. The afternoon, presented by Marie Claire Magazine, benefited Water.org. Water.org is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

    The hostesses had their manes coiffed that morning at Georgetown's Toka Salon, and wore head-to-toe Armani for the occasion.

    Guests included: Mary Anne, Abby and Liddy HuntsmanKick Kennedy, Marie Claire Senior Fashion Director Zanna Roberts Rassi, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Water.org Chevenee Reavis, Jennifer Fisher, Bojan Kostic, Evie McGee, Erin Loop, Roxanne Roberts, Dominique Vu, Melaine Privitera, Sylvie Luanghy, Liz Fassbender, Judy Kurtz, Nikki Schwab, Anchyi Wei, Kara Manos, Bianca Chardei, Deidre Jeffries, Meredith Fineman, and Jessica Hoy.

    Missing: Taylor Swift, who recently broke up with Kick's little bro.

    [Liddy Huntsman, Mary Anne Huntsman, Abby Huntsman by Paul Morigi]