BrightestYoungThings Inflitrated Glenn Beck's Rally, Got Fed

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 30, 2010

    BYT is the kind of organization that says things like: 'Why don't we send a person in a freaky devil mask with a fake baby bump and tennis ball boobs to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally and document the experience?" and actually follows through with it.

    And, consequently, our morning was filled with LOLs as we perused the pics Dakota Fine took.

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    How did that guy make such a huge sign?

    What's really got us confused are two experiences BYT reps had at the rally.

    The first is the food experience.

    Jeff Jetton claims some ralliers answered his sandwich demands and one of those proffered sandwiches contained goat cheese.  As far as we know, goat cheese is a fancy cheese, and something about the tone of Glenn Beck's rally doesn't really scream class.  More importantly, however, is the un-American nature of this food offering.  How any self-respecting conservative extremists eat anything other than American cheese is beyond us.

    The second thing that really confused us were the black guys holding signs that say "Democrats are the KKK."  Um...we don't even know where to begin.

    We're so confused about this whole thing.  Our heads hurt (no, we are not hung over).  We guess we'll just bask in the uncertainty of this whole thing.  And laugh at the idiots in attendance.

    America.  Fuck yeah!

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