OF COURSE Anna Wintour Is Behind Hillary Clinton's Campaign Style

by Grace Gill · July 28, 2016

    Talk about some serious head b*tches in charge - fashion icon, Anna Wintour, has joined the campaign for political legend, Hillary Clinton, to help Hil with her styling choices. All we need is for Beyoncé to get up in there and we'd have a holy trifecta that could literally run the world, let alone just the U.S.

    Women in media-society are ‘supposed’ to be nice, loving, feminine and pretty, whereas men can get away with being rude, racist, sexist and ugly (cough cough Trump and his duck-face/combover disaster) and be applauded for it. The point is, the media loves to paint Hil out to be an uptight b-i-t-c-h who seems robotic and cold yet she’s really only facing that problem because she’s a woman and a damn good politician/lawyer/mom. The media has gone after Hillary about not being lady-like enough and too politically involved ever since her run as First Lady. Well wake up people, who cares that she doesn’t embody the white-picket fence, cookie-baking, stay at home mom that storybooks love to talk about?! We applaud the stay at home moms of the world BTW, but just because Hillary isn’t one that doesn’t mean we need to crucify her. 

    It’s obvious that Hil wears the pants in the Clinton-relationship and thanks to Wintour, she looks damn good in them. Campaigns across the globe allot money for wardrobe because how someone looks is a crucial part of marketing and branding. Just like other types of celebs (actors, athletes, models, etc), politicians hire stylists and image consultants for the business of dressing. There are some unique dos and don’ts when it comes to politics though, because as I just explained, the media gets a boner for good bashing sesh. 

    As you probably know, the Democratic National Convention is this week and tonight Hillary is scheduled to make her acceptance speech for not only the Democratic party nominee but the first woman ever to win the Democratic Party nominee (YASS QUEEN). For her speech, it makes sense that she would wear something made by an American designer but it’s important that she maintains a low price tag for her high level swag. Corey Roche, a stylist for other politicians, explains “If a politician wears expensive labels, the public will absolutely eat them alive.” Understandably, no one wants to hear a speech about income equality from someone wearing a $15,000 suit…. Which is why Clinton has been consulting Democratic party fundraiser Anna Wintour on her wardrobe choices for the key moments of her campaign. 

    Wintour, HBIC at Vogue, has helped in many ways, on occasion going as the in-between messenger of sorts, reaching out to designers personally on Hil’s account. We always knew we loved Wintour for her keen fashion sense and somehow managing to pull off sunglasses around the clock, but now that she’s ‘with her,’ I officially love her even more. Besides, look at her on the Seth Meyers late night show dawning a Hilary 2016 t-shirt with a Chanel skirt-suit. Like can you say chic?

    [Photos via Getty, Twitter]