Give D.C. A Vote, Goddamnit

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 20, 2010

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    As you may or may not be aware, this District of ours--the alleged epicenter of world power--lacks voting rights within its own country.  We, the People, are disenfranchised.  Simply turn your attention to our license plates that read "no taxation without representation" and bask in the irony:

    The District of Columbia, the hub of a nation that broke free of the oppressive reign of a monarchy that possessed nothing more than the guise of an electoral process, manages to be the one political space within the bounds of the United States that is not represented in the political process.


    Because our snarky license plates have done little to affect change, the People have come up with an alternative grassroots approach to spreading awareness, and demanding change, regarding this whole D.C.-ain't-got-no-vote thing.

    Enter Give Me A Vote, an organization hell bent on updating our political clout on the national stage.  In conjunction with Albus Cavus, Give Me A Vote has started an initiative whereby huge hand sculptures are planted around the city in an effort to draw attention to the existential crisis that is D.C.'s voting identity.  Further, any artistic representation of a hand, in conjunction with this mission, can participate in the discursive analysis of our disenfranchisement.

    As Give Me A Vote outlines its mission as follows:

    "The big hands inspire imagination and interaction. This raised hand wants a vote. Maybe the big hands represent all the missing votes in Congress for DC residents' interests. Or, they can represent how wonderful the first DC Congressmember with a vote will feel when they get to cast their first vote."

    There are myriad of ways to get involved in the mission.  The People can:

    Paint a mural

    Adopt a sculpture to house at your home or place of business

    Decorate a sculpture

    Create your own artistic interpretation of D.C.'s disenfranchisement

    At whatever level you choose to participate, your action will augment the process and presence of D.C. voting rights issues.  So get us a vote, goddamnit.  Pretty please.

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