Is Ivanka Trump Leading The War On Christmas?

by Stephanie Maida · December 12, 2017

    No offense, but it's kind of an issue when you're more likely to launch into a tirade against Starbucks cups than condemn a republican child molester running for senate

    Back in July (because does anything this guy says make sense?), Donald Trump promised the American people that everyone will start saying "Merry Christmas!" again, rather than the terrorist-supporting term "Happy Holidays."

    Well, Donald, we've got some bad news for you bro.

    Oh yeah, noted Jewish woman Ivanka Trump shared some social media posts on Monday in which she wished her followers - gasp - Happy Holidays. She even threw in a little kissy emoji for good measure.

    As one Twitter user put it, "the war on Christmas is coming from inside the house."

    We can't imagine this will go down well during the Hanukkah festivities.