What Melania Trump's Instagram Secretly Reveals

by Christie Grimm · April 28, 2017

    If you've never taken a scroll though Melania Trump's @flotus feed, well, your life is all the more exciting for it. Long has the press pointed to Melania's shy tendencies, her quiet nature. As Lisa Bytner, former PR rep for Trump Model Management, has stated "she doesn't make waves. She speaks only when spoken to." And yet, for someone so removed from the conversations and the work taking place in the White House, not a day goes by without article after article analyzing what seems to be the elephant not in the oval office, the white skinny whale journalists are paddling after.

    All the media seems to care, but the public? I'd argue not so much the case.

    Perhaps our country's lack of interest is due in party to her, let's say, stoic nature. Melania's former roommate, photographer Matthew Atanian, recently recounted for Vanity Fair, "she was always kind of a stiff person. That’s why she wasn’t a successful model, because she couldn’t move.”

    A first lady who doesn't move, and doesn't talk? How exciting. Thrilling, really.

    And while we can point to quotes all day on the subject, the one thing that shows Americans just really aren't interested in Melania? Well, her lame-ass Instagram. 

    You see, Melania has 418,000 followers. And while that may be an impressive number compared to you or me (especially considering I don't even have an Instagram), in the grand scheme of celebrities, influencers, and honestly these days, 16-year-old girls, 418K is nothing.

    Just look at Ivanka. Little miss daddy's girl has 3.5 million followers. Donald has 6.6 million. Eric Trump has 589,000. God - Tiffany has more followers than Melania!


    And so what, apples and Slovenian oranges you might say. But to perhaps put it on a more level playing field, Michelle Obama has 13.2 million followers. And granted, Michelle has 2 adorable dogs, so that right there is going to get you a minimum of 2 million followers - but still! Just look at Michelle's profile - the bio of which reads, "Girl from the South Side and former First Lady. Wife, mother, dog lover. Always hugger-in-chief. obama.org."

    I'm sorry, but you put that up against Melania's, "This account is run by the Office of First Lady Melania Trump. Messages may be archived. WH.gov/privacy www.whitehouse.gov," and hell yeah no one's going to be interested.

    It's an Instagram world, and we're just living in it. So as silly and as dumb as it may seem, until Melania cuts the badly filtered, poor quality, oddly framed social media shtick, she should not expect to find herself in the hearts of Americans any time soon. With only 418,000 followers, and 29 posts - she's a ways to go.

    [Photo via Getty]