Sarah Palin Is Writing Book Again! What Will "America By Heart" Contain?

by Rachelle Hruska · May 13, 2010

    Sarah Palin is writing another book titled America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. It will be a "compendium of items that inspire Palin: speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, 'even some of her favorite songs and movies,' as well as portraits of some "extraordinary men and women she admires," according to the prospectus released today by publisher Harper Collins. What will Palin's book really be about?

    Let's head to our friendly commenters at Gawker for the real answers:

    "Pigs wearing lipstick."

    "The book will contain:

    -- Things to color -- Fun stickers -- A coupon for 20% off membership in the Sarah Palin Fun-Time Happy Club -- Funny pictures of John McCain -- Strategery"

    'America By Heart is nothing more than Sarah Palin reciting the State Capitols.

    Spoiler alert: She gets Delaware wrong"

    "Fave Books: "Pundency for Dummies" Fave Songs: "Jesus Take The Wheel", "Personal Jesus", "Don't Stop Beliveing" Fave American - Sarah Palin Fave Foreigner - Pfffffft. As if! Fave Poet - Billy Shakespear Fave Movies - Anything with John Wayne or Ronald Reagan Fave Recipies - Moose Burgers Fave Magazines - "Fortune", "Guns & Amo" Fave Activities - Making money, Being on TV, Raiding gifting centers Least Fave Americans - Obama, Levi Johnston, Bill Maher"

    "Chapter 4: My most favorite foreigner..."psych! Gotcha!"

    "Chapter 9-Most Favorite Activities: Helicopter hunting, cover-ups, and mush mouth sentence garbling"

    "Chapter 1, my most favorite books: Everybody poops, Twilight

    Chapter 2, my most favorite songs: Journey- Walks like a lady, Journey-After the fall, Journey-Can't tame the lion

    Chapter 3, my most favorite American: Stephen Baldwin

    Chapter 4, my most favorite foriegner: Marvin the Martian

    Chapter 5, my most favorite poet: Glenn Beck

    Chapter 6, my most favorite movies: Twilight, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Soccer Dog: the Movie

    Chapter 7, my most favorite recipes: fried eggos, moose chuck

    Chapter 8, my most favorite magazines: Sarah Palin Magazine; Alaska, Now!

    Chapter 9, my most favorite activities: writing on my hands, giving the thumbs up, winking

    Chapter 10, my least favorite "Americans": Only 3, well okey dokey! Abraham Lincoln, Alec Baldwin (he could really learn so much from his brother, y'know!), Remy Stern

    I can't wait to read the chapter: "Quitting: How to act when people start digging into your past"