Bad Behavior Rewarded?: The Salahis And Desiree Rogers

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 18, 2010

    Desiree Rogers, the former White House press secretary who was on board when the Salahis managed to slip into the Manse allegedly uninvited, was recently named CEO of Johnson Publishing, the company responsible for Ebony and Jet magazines.

    The degree to which Rogers was involved in the Salahis' shenanigans is unclear, simply because the Salahis, to this day, claim they were invited to the White House state dinner.  Regardless, there was lots of chatter when she stepped down from her White House role that Rogers was somehow involved in the Salahis' party crashing.

    And the party crashing seems to be all anyone cares about, despite talking with the Salahis for purported other reasons.  For example, the couple appeared on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel to talk about polo their alleged White House crashing.

    After talking about polo for a millisecond, Gumbel gets down to the real dirt: were they or were they not invited?

    While Rogers's involvement in the whole Salahi debacle is most likely pretty minimal, it's ironic that both she and the Salahis continue to soar to new fame heights post-White House crash.

    We guess there really is no such thing as bad press.

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