Teddy Wins!

by Sophie Pyle · October 3, 2012

    Unless you are up to your eyeballs in Dear Colleague Letters, you probably know by now that Teddy Roosevelt won the President's Race at Nationals Park today.

    The momentous occasion comes after a 537-game losing streak from the mascot.

    We used to hate Teddy, because he was a loser that cheated all the time, but this win is great for his PR and his self esteem. Was it the beer that was poured on his head on Monday during the post-game celebration, or the golden shoes the Nats gave him in the third inning?

    Perhaps he will celebrate with a bowl of emancipation punch at Lincoln, which is named for the president with the most wins (214, to be exact) because Teddy & The Bully Bar is still getting ready.

    [Instagram photo by @courtpit]