Good Life Tuesdays from Rock Creek Social Club Celebrates One Year With Packed House

by guestofaguest · August 17, 2011

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    Rock Creek Social Club co-founder Modele "Modi" Oyewole, 24, knows how to pack a club on a Tuesday night. When most of the city is still recovering from the previous weekend’s sins, “Goodlife Tuesdays” is a weekly party at Recess Nightclub hosted by the Rock Creek Social Club that features a sampling of the area’s best DJ’s. It just might be the wildest weekly party in all of D.C.

    Guest of a Guest wanted to find out more about Modi, the Rock Creek Social Club, and what happens at Recess on Tuesday nights. We found that perfect opportunity to do that this week at the “Goodlife Tuesdays” one year anniversary.

    To celebrate, the RCSC had an hour-long open bar with sponsors Heineken and Belvedere, followed by an open-throttle party with five area DJ’s.

    “Everybody's set was different. We had trap music, we had electro, we had old school hip hop and slow jams, we had a little pop, and some b-more club. It's all getting played in our party. 5 DJ's,” said Modi.

    Walking up to Recess excites any Washingtonian. Located on 15th Street along the same row of buildings as the W Hotel and Old Ebbitt Grill, everyone gets a glimpse at the White House and the Washington Monument on the way in. When we entered Recess Nightclub shortly before 11 PM last night, the basement-level club in an old federal style building was almost packed. With a DJ booth in the back, bar in the front, and dance floor in between, party goers were already loose.

    We caught up with Modi as he was coming in from the entrance, just after the velvet ropes opened to the long line outside. A stream of partygoers made their way giddily down the stairs into Recess with most paying their respects to Modi on the way in, but this stream was not enough to alleviate the wait to get into Recess last night. About 150 extra people were hoping to get in throughout the night, with almost that many disappointed by night’s end. Yeah, it was that packed.

    It was hard to get to speak with Modi for long. He seemed to know everyone there last night, and it seemed that everyone wanted to get a handshake or a hug in. Modi went to Boston College, and works for New Media Strategies, a hip social media firm in Rosslyn. Last night, he wore a red shirt with "The District" written on the front in spunky letters, cuffed jeans, and a 1996 Olympics Atlanta baseball hat. Girls at the party wore anything from jeans to cocktail dresses, from jazzy boots to glittery heels.

    It was clear the guests were most thankful for one final detail that the social club threw in: Dangerous Delicious Pies and Tasty Kebob trucks were parked outside. "People were eating their food all night, especially when everybody came out of the club late and needed to get something in their stomachs so today wouldn't be so rough," he said.

    Modi and his other team members of the Rock Creek Social Club, including Jerome Baker III, Kevin "Scooty" Hallums, Lamine N'dour, and Sonya Collins, have built an impressive weekly event that has an eclectic, unique Washington vibe. We hear there is an outdoor field party in the works.