Post-Thanksgiving Cleanse To Get Back On Track? Think Again!

by Grace Gilbert · November 26, 2013

    First there's the turkey, gravy and the stuffing.  Then some helpings of mashed potatoes and some fried green beans that are disguised as healthy vegetables.  Once we all have said our what we are thankful for (ahem, friends, family and Isabel Marant pour H&M), it's time for dessert. We don't know about you but wel feel "obligated" to taste a little of every pie, pastry and pumpkin treat. It would be rude to do otherwise! And then you are officially in tryptophan heaven...with a food baby. How do you bounce back?

    Let's get real. Thanksgiving is a time when we all overspend our calorie card.  According to the Calorie Council, generally Americans consume over 4,500 calories for Thanksgiving dinner - more than three times our daily need! Most would assume that the day after the annual gorge-fest would be the perfect time to cleanse, however doctors advise against it.

    In fact most advise simply returning to a normal diet.  Your body will work against that bloated feeling all on its own and will be looking for a return to the usual come Friday.  Cleansing will not help this process or discount the food you had on Thanksgiving, therefore many suggest trying to maintain a healthy diet on Thanksgiving to avoid that I-can't-move-I'm-so-full feeling. You can do this by simply loading on the turkey (the best part, in my opinion) and the greens.  Even though its hard to avoid the rolls, stuffing, and marshmallow covered yams, you will absolutely thank yourself later.

    Lastly, doctors advise little walks to get your body moving.  DC hosts multiples Turkey Trots around the city and has some of the most beautiful walking paths in the country.  Whether a family outing or an excuse to get some much needed alone time, short walks will get your body moving without freaking it out after the Thanksgiving feast - no cleanse needed.

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