Eavesdropping In: Discovery Gunman Also Hated Kate Plus Eight, Condi Rice Refuses To Shake What Her Momma Gave Her

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · September 2, 2010

    Hey all you Glenn Beck fans, we advise you to watch your wallets [HuffPo]

    It's good to know the Discovery Channel gunman loved 'Star Trek' and hated 'Kate Plus 8', because that show is where the country's real problems lie. [NYDN]

    Martha Stewart's "throwing her name in there" to be the next Larry King. First up on her list of interviewees? Nancy Pelosi... [WaPo]

    Even 'Dancing With The Stars' is trying to get in on the D.C. action. We'd love to see Condi Rice shake her groove thang. [HollywoodReporter]

    In case you were worried, Gloria Estefan would never run for President [Politico]