Cycle For Survival DC

by Sophie Pyle · February 14, 2012

    Go HERE for more pictures from this event!

    On Sunday, hundreds of cyclists and volunteers came together at Equinox in Bethesda for Cycle for Survival, the annual indoor cycling event that raises money for rare cancer research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Over 40 different teams participated, and each team had about eight members who took turns riding during the four-hour cycling shift (8AM – 12PM).

    We talked to Team CharityChicksUS, which rode with six members: Elizabeth Kane, Carly Jane Zapernick, Jennifer Pierotti, Grace Collins, Navroop Mitter, and several family members. The group raised over $1,200 for cancer research two weeks prior to the event. $7.7 million was raised across the country in this and other cycling events.

    CharityChicksUS participated in this event on behalf of friend, and GWU Alumnus, Frank Marcovitz. Mr. Marcovitz met Elizabeth Kane, CEO & Founder of CharityChicksUS, at an alumni networking event, and learned of his fourteen-year struggle with his vocal cords. At age forty he lost his voice, and had a biopsy, which showed that he had a malignant vocal cord. Despite enduring radiation, multiple surgeries, and lengthy recovery time, Mr. Marcovitz remains positive and upbeat.

    “Frank told me about the positive impact Cycle for Survival has had on him, and I was convinced that this was a unique event that CharityChicksUS should get involved in," Elizabeth said. "Today, we ride for Frank, and all persons who are suffering or have been affected by cancer. We will definitely participate again next year.”

    The mission of CharityChicksUS is to empower the next generation of future leaders to make giving back a priority. Our key priority is connecting young, professional women to philanthropic organizations based on their experience, interests, and talents. We also promote specific events that are unique, and inspire young women to connect to their community through fashion, art, music, networking, and social events.