Get Ready For A Flash "Barn Dance" In Chinatown

by Chiara Atik · May 14, 2010

    Well, if this isn't the coolest thing we've ever heard! There's gonna be a flash BARN DANCE on the Chinatown intersection of 7th & H in celebration of the new pedestrian crossing. Because what better way to celebrate City Planning than with a do-se-do?-


    Just when we thought Flash Mobs were getting a little bit long in the tooth, this refreshing country-style twist comes along and revitalizes the whole genre.

    "The Barnes Dance", according to the Washington Post,is a

    "free form pedestrian crossing engineered in the middle of the last century in which all auto traffic comes to a halt, with no turns allowed, while pedestrians dart across the intersection in whatever direction pleases them."

    But darting across the street is so boring! Surely DANCING across the street in overalls, straw hats, petticoats and cowboy boots is more fun!

    If you're interested in participating (come on, you only live once), meet the group next to the Metro Station at 7 pm, sharp. (They'll be the other 100 or so dressed like they're in their high school production of Oklahoma.)

    It's definitely gonna be something to see....but do you think these young DC upstarts will be able to make Square Dancing look as cool as these guys do?