Learn To Cook With ScratchDC

by Sophie Pyle · May 20, 2013

    Much like Capital Bikeshare, ScratchDC is one of those things that will make you excited to live in a city so you can take advantage of it. The team delivers fresh, organic ingredients to their customers daily, with a whimsical set of instructions that guide you through each step until you've whipped up a perfect meal for two.

    We tried the "Middle Middle Eastern Lamb Meatballs in a Tomato Yogurt Sauce over Rice with a Greek Salad."

    ScratchDC delivered a box of freshly cut tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt sauce, and a package of pre-seasoned lamb. The rice was packaged with salt and a pad of butter in the box, so all that was needed was a pot of boiling water to make the rice, and a pan to cook the meat and other elements of the meal.

    The recipe tells you to do things like "pull out your medium pot and fill her with two cups of water." It feels like your best friend wrote them out, as friendly and concise as possible so you don't miss any steps.

    On the back of the recipe, ScratchDC lets you know where the ingredients came from. For the dish we cooked, the meat was locally sourced from Maryland, and the other ingredients were from friendly-sounding farms on the other side of the Mississippi.

    The meals range in price from about $25-35 (use code GofG for 15% off!), and make enough for two. They also have the option to add on extras, like more cookies (two came in the box), salsa & chips, or a romance package for $18--which includes tea light candles and a bouquet of seasonal flowers.

    The final result was a perfectly made meal without a lot of mess to clean up.

    ScratchDC posts their menu weekly on their website. Use the code GofG for 15% off your order! They deliver to DC, Arlington and Alexandria.