Restaurant Week: Just Another Lovely Reason To Over Eat

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 17, 2010

    When we were younger, the end of summer always brought us down. Gone were the warm and carefree days, and back to school we went. As we got older, going back to school became exciting and summer became less so—we couldn’t wait to finish our internships, move into our dorms, and assume our reign of frat parties. Now that we are adults, summer ending has become a time of dread yet again, leading us to find any reason to celebrate these long, hot dawdling days.

    Our favorite thing about late August is sales—and if these sales so happen to be on food, double whammy. In our opinions, Restaurant Week is August’s way of tricking wining and dining adults into indulging in last bits of carefree summer bliss—and it works.

    DC’s 16th bi-annual restaurant week started yesterday, and we clearly already have reservations abounding until it ends on August 22nd. We will be having dinner at Capitol Hill’s Art & Soul

    Art and Soul's patio

    and venturing out to the newly opened Buddha Bar on Mass Ave.

    Buddha Bar--see?  A Buddha!

    We’ve been meaning to try ZenTan for months now, and will be dining there as well.


    We’re not normally fans of restaurant week lunch (we love food but honestly, a three course lunch is often overkill), but are huge fans of Mie N Yu’s brunch menu and have snagged a reservation there as well.

    Mei n Yu

    Where will you be dining this week? And more importantly, do you believe restaurant week is worth the one money, or, like this guy, a waste thereof?

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