The Half Street Fairgrounds Are Back For 2013!

by Sophie Pyle · March 26, 2013

    The Half Street Fairgrounds, aka the beloved parking lot across from Nationals Park that fed us RBV slushies and hosted several epic concerts last summer, is back for the 2013 season! The ultimate fate of the beer garden still hangs by a thread as developers hungrily eye the valuable plot of land, but sources have confirmed that the Fairgrounds will be here all summer, and possibly for 2014 as well.

    Opening day for the Fairgrounds is this Friday for the Nationals vs. Yankees game. Expect to once again find DC's longest outdoor bar, live music, food trucks and cornhole. New additions this year include fast pitch baseball, a snow cone machine, and a little bit of greenery; there will be a nursery with trees for sale.

    The Fairgrounds, with their drinks priced just a touch below the stadium's bars, is the place for drinks before and after Nationals games. The venue is owned by Georgetown Events, the same parent company of local favorites like Bayou, Jettie's, Surfside and Smith Point. Expect roaring crowds after big wins, and another summer of awesome outdoor parties.