Voli Low-Calorie Vodkas Are Now Available In DC!

by Sophie Pyle · November 15, 2011

    Voli Light Vodka, the first and only line of low calorie fruit and fusion vodkas, is now available in the Washington, DC area. Just in time for the calorie-laden Holiday season!!

    Created from superior French wheat and the purest natural spring water, Voli Light Vodka is available in five delicious flavor fusions including Lemon, Raspberry Cocoa, Espresso Vanilla, Orange Vanilla and Pear Vanilla, as well as the original Lyte.

    Each vodka is five times distilled, four times filtered, and enhanced with electrolytes to maintain hydration after a night out and help skip the hangover. Yes, that's vodka infused with ingredients that helps you skip the hangover.

    Voli spent two years developing its line of light vodkas, working with expert mixologists, vodka connoisseurs and premier spirits producers to create a low-calorie vodka that would meet the demands of an increasingly health-conscious society. The result: all-natural ingredients expertly blended into a premium vodka with up to 40 percent less calories than other leading vodka brands.

    Each serving of Voli includes no more than 81 calories, while the strong flavor profiles of fruit infusions eliminate the need for high-calorie mixers.  Simply pour Voli over ice or mix with club soda for a light and delicious low-calorie alternative.

    In March 2011, Voli Light Vodka partnered with international recording artist, songwriter and producer Pitbull, who has become a major equity owner of the brand, the official spokesperson and the ambassador for Voli Light Vodka.

    Find Voli Light Vodkas in the DC metro area and across the country at Sam’s Clubs, or online at www.volispirits.com.