Eavesdropping In: Arizona Gets Even Worse, Carla Bruni Could Learn From Prude Americans, Eliot Spitzer and Elena Kegan Did Not Bump Uglies

by BILLY GRAY · May 12, 2010

    Arizona continues to terrify rest of nation by proposing a ban on ethnic studies. [Politico]

    Carla Bruni masters the art of the overshare by telling a repulsed Michelle Obama about her sex life with Sarkozy. [CNN]

    Eliot Spitzer needlessly inserts himself in the national discussion again, says he did not date Elena Kagan at Princeton. [Wonkette]

    Fewer tourists invaded D.C. last year. [WaPo]

    Which might be why Washington rolled out the red carpet for Hamid Karzai. [NYT]