Ten Questions With Celebrity Hairstylist Neven Radovic

by Alexa Lombardo · December 14, 2011

    Neven Radovic [pictured left, styling], Croatian-born hairstylist to the stars, sat down and gave us the inside scoop on life, liberty and the pursuit of more than the perfect haircut in 10 questions.

    Radovic is now the top stylist at Nival Salon and Spa at The Collection at Chevy Chase.

    GofG: Favorite place to go when you don't have to be anywhere? NR: Back home [in Croatia), I would love to visit the Plitvice lakes and my grandmother's farm. In DC, I escape to Mount Vernon. I like to be outside, in the fresh air, with relaxing views, scenery, and not too many people around me.

    GofG: If money wasn't an object, what one piece of artwork would you want in your apartment? NR: Sunflowers by Van Gogh. I have to see something in it, [it has to] make me happy.

    GofG: What's the biggest risk you ever took? NR: Moving to the United States from Croatia.

    GofG: What would you choose to be your last meal? NR: Can I have few? Sataras, a delicacy that my mom makes. Prosciutto and tomatoes freshly picked from my family's garden. Also, the cicvara that my grandma makes.

    [Radovic with Claire Danes] [Radovic with Lynda Carter]

    GofG: We're obsessed with the idea of "secret celebrities." Who do you think deserves more attention in the spotlight, and who do you think deserves less? NR: I don't really know who deserves more in the spotlight. I mean, aren't they getting enough when they actually do something? I know who doesn't need more attention as far as I'm concerned: reality show fake celebrities. The Kardashians and those kind of people. Good for them to make all that money, but is that what we call talent?

    GofG: One thing you can't live without? NR: I cannot live without my iPhone. Actually, just the cell phone in general and text messages!

    GofG: Most memorable DC moment? NR: The first time I visited DC and my friend Konstantia took me down to the National Mall to see the monuments. It was a beautiful day, early October, just sitting there on the stairs of the Lincoln memorial, looking at all the people, all the different people, overlooking the pond. Growing up, DC was something I would watch on television or read in the papers. It all just looked out of this world. I still often catch myself driving to work over the Key bridge thinking: am I really here?

    GofG: Your proudest moment? NR: Becoming an uncle [and] seeing my sister's kids, Tara and Marko. Every time I go home and see how much they have changed, knowing that they are growing up. There's something about those two little people that can bring so many good emotions nobody or nothing else can.

    GofG: What's the Best 2k you've ever spent? NR: My Audi. Okay, it was a little over 2k, but I love driving. I love the freedom it gives you. My dream car one day is a Mercedes CL.

    GofG: What constitutes "making it"? NR: Making it... I think it's different for different people. I think from where I started and what I've been through, I can say I made it. And I'll never stop doing so. With the next trip I take, every happy person that gets up from my chair, a photo shoot I do, a present I buy for "my" kids.

    Radovic styles at the super-chic Nival Salon & Spa at the Collection at Chevy Chase.

    Edited 5-11-2012 to reflect the name change of Hela Salon and Spa to Nival Salon and Spa