Is The Beacon Rooftop The Place To Be?

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · July 19, 2010

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    We can't help but think we missed the memo yesterday. Where was everyone?! Judging from past events like Disco Soccer, we know how wild parties can get at The Beacon Hotel and we were pumped to continue our Sunday Funday on the rooftop. Maybe it was too hot out, maybe we weren't fashionably late enough, but whatever the case may be we hope these guys still had a good time.

    D.C. band, U.S. Royalty and Friends, were set to take over the Beacon Rooftop yesterday evening and from what it seemed, the Beacon was the place to be and be seen on Sundays. We were expecting the hotspot to be jam packed like it was at its kick off event on May 30th this summer, but as you can see from the photos below, yesterday's turnout was a little sub-par.

    Beacon Kick Off Not yesterday._________________________Yesterday. We must admit, the music was great and could be heard from blocks away in all directions. So even though being on the rooftop was a bit underwhelming, we definitely got our groove on walking to and from the Beacon.