Town Hall Grabs Blue Ridge's Vacant Space

by Sophie Pyle · September 2, 2011

    Town Hall, a Glover Park neighborhood bar and restaurant, is potentially moving up the street to occupy the space that once was Blue Ridge.

    Town Hall's owners--Paul Holder, Jeremy Carman, Tim Walsh, Paul Madrid and Hank Shields--finalized their deal with Mendocino Grille & Wine Bar owners Eli Hengst and Jared Rager (obviously, they owned Blue Ridge when it was in business) this week.

    There is a chance that the Glover Park staple won't move, and they'll just open a new spot in their new space. Either way, the Town Hall team is most looking forward to having a back patio area for patrons. "The back courtyard is a unique and special opportunity that is rarely encountered in D.C.," said Holder.

    The one thing that might hold them back from opening a second restaurant in Glover Park is...they're opening a second restaurant already! Sixth Engine (which will be in what was DC's oldest fire station, Engine 6 Firehouse, built in 1855) is expected to open early 2012. Cool.

    Town Hall is the hot brunch spot for fratty 20-somethings after over-indulging in drinks the night before a few blocks away in Georgetown. Town Hall brunch is also a known coming out spot for new couples; most notably, T.H.E. Artist Agency's (that's the one Lynda Erkiletian ran on RHODC) Sondra Ortagus was greeted by a round of applause from the main dining room when she walked in for brunch with her new beau a little while ago.

    Brunch isn't the only time Town Hall is busy, of course. There is a loyal clientele that comes in for drinks poured by Andrew Forbes and Hernando Cano every night, and socials reserve the intimate upper level all the time for birthday and going-away parties.

    Should the team make a big move, Town Hall will remain open for business at 2218 Wisconsin Avenue, with just a few days of anticipated downtime to open the new location at 2340 Wisconsin Avenue, projected to open in November.

    The Town Hall team is also known for their annual Virginia Gold Cup excursion, complete with bus transportation, a giant tent, strong drinks in souvenir cups, a buffet, and hundreds of preppy 20-somethings. This year, they served 550 people and it was sold out in a matter of days.

    Me with some friends at the Town Hall Gold Cup last year

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