Everyone Hopes Jack Lew Will Change His Signature

by Sophie Pyle · January 9, 2013

    President Obama has all but confirmed Jack Lew, currently the White House Chief of Staff, as the new Treasury Secretary. But, there's just one small problem. His signature.

    Jack Lew's signature is important because it will appear on each bill printed for the next 4 years. Perhaps seeing signed papers from Lew over the last few years made Obama giggle, and that's why he wants him in the position.

    Before the White House, Lew was at Citigroup, where he was managing director and COO of Citi Global Wealth Management and Citi Alternative Investments.

    Timothy Geithner, exiting Treasury Secretary, changed his signature to one that was more legible for the mints. Let's all hope that Lew does the same thing!

    Update: [Jack Lew Promises His Best Penmanship On US Currency]

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