Getting Into The World Cup Spirit With The Best IPhone App Ever

by MADELEINE STARKEY · June 17, 2010

    When watching the USA vs. UK game with a friend this past weekend--a friend who, bless her heart, is soccer illiterate--she asked me what that "buzzing" was?  "Is there something wrong with the TV?" She asked.  What she was referring to is the insane amount of noise football fans make.  The cacophony is so great that it is clearly audible when watching a match from the relatively quiet comfort of your own home.  But if you prefer raucous football fanatics to the silence of your living room, there's an App for that.

    The plastic horns that make all the noise are called "vuvuzela," or "lepatata" in the Tswana language which indigenous to Southern (not only South) Africa.  And as Apple is like to do, it has capitalized on the popularity of this instrument and managed to digitize it last enough to become an iPhone app.  Here's my question: does Steve Jobs ever sleep?  An iPad, iPhone 4G AND a vuvuzela app all in a few months?!

    If you're cool enough to have an iPhone, perhaps you should get the app before today's 2:30 PM match between France and Mexico.  Your friends and co-workers will thank you for bringing them that much closer to the World Cup experience.