Spotted: D.C.ers Getting Buck At Brew At The Zoo

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · July 16, 2010

    This is how we imagine the conversation went at the office yesterday..."Yo bro, happy hour today?" "Nah dude, going to the zoo to play flip cup with cobras and pong with pandas." "iight, I'll go with you... but only if they have a cardboard cutout where I can take pictures of my head in a mug of beer."

    Brew at the Zoo, hosted by Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), gave Smithsonian Young Professionals members and guests a chance to chug with the cheetas at The National Zoo yesterday at their beer sampling event. More than thirty different microbreweries sampled their beers to attendees but the main attraction of the event was clearly the cardboard cutout where guests could pretend they were floating in a mug of beer.

    Don't worry about filling the other hole with a familiar face, beer is your friend too.

    Pimpin it with a cardboard brewski.

    Arrrrren't you guys cute!

    Scream if you love animals!!!!!

    We're still a bit confused by the concept behind having floating heads in beer, but if we know one thing it's that face-in-hole posters make for some rockin' good times.

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