Strange Details Surround The Stabbings That Forced Mood Lounge To Lose Liquor License New Year's Eve Weekend

by Sophie Pyle · January 5, 2012

    Mood Lounge, a nightclub in Shaw, has permanently lost its liquor license after a stabbing incident during the wee hours of December 30th left two men critically injured (they are expected to recover).

    The lounge's owners are probably majorly ticked at the two men, who were "listed as a performer and a promoter," according to the Washington Times. One of them was under 21. I mean, if they had just waited one day, Mood lounge could have ended on a high note with one of the busiest nights of the year--New Year's Eve!

    To complicate things further, apparently a bartender posing as security staff told police that the blood outside the club was cranberry juice.

    Shaw residents are pretty pumped about the closing. The neighborhood is constantly improving, and Mood Lounge was setting them back by attracting shady characters, according to DCist.

    Mood Lounge opened in January 2011. To avoid future moody patrons, maybe they should open it back up with a more positive name, like "Safe Lounge."

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