SynchroSwim(mers) At Capitol Skyline

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 11, 2010

    SynchroSwim took over the Capitol Skyline Hotel this weekend.  Brought to D.C. by Washington Project for the Arts, Rubell Family Collection, and Connor Contemporary Art, SynchroSwim was an opportunity for anyone (the swimmers) and everyone (the spectators) to let their freak flags fly.

    And we love us some freak flags.  We're thinking of redesigning ours.

    While the above ladies are not yet in the pool, they are adept, amphibious groovers.  They stretch it out on land

    So that they maybe be as uniformly limber in water as possible.

    Unfortunately for us spectators, it seems a lot of the synchronization goes on under water.  Let us see!

    We can't tell if this broad has alight a fellow (underwater) freak, or if she's got some new Jesus water-dance moves about which we don't yet know.

    Regardless of how or why these SynchroSwimmers do what they do, the crowd was pleased.

    As are we.  Keep flying those flags, freaks.

    [photos by Max Cook via]