We've Stopped Believing--Journey Guitarist in Cahoots with Michaele Salahi

by Sophie Pyle · September 15, 2011

    In an attempt to remind today's generation that they, not Glee, wrote "Don't Stop Believing," Journey is participating in the latest Salahi publicity stunt. Apparently, their lead guitarist, Neal Schon, has stolen Michaele's heart from Tareq Salahi.

    Maybe it's because Oasis Winery is out of business. Maybe it's because she misses the apparently "wild sex" she used to have with the guitarist. Maybe it's all a huge stunt, which is probably is, because yesterday Michaele was retweeting messages about how she was missing. WTF?

    The publicist from Journey confirmed that Michaele and Schon are hanging out, which kind of makes it more legitimate, but also raises some eyebrows. How many publicists release that kind of information in the first 24 hours of an affair?

    Let's not forget that TMZ, the outlet with all of this first-hand information, pays for articles and the Salahis are bankrupt. And hey, all of the local radio stations are playing "Don't Stop Believing" today, so Journey's getting some airtime. I think it's a mutually beneficial stunt and Michaele will return to Tareq as soon as a new reality show is drawn up.