Ryan Zimmerman And Heather Downen Engaged!

by Sophie Pyle · April 12, 2012

    Ryan Zimmerman, 27, proposed to Heather Downen sometime over the last couple of days.

    This engagement comes a little over a month after news of Ryan's extended contract with the Nationals, which solidifies the couple's home as DC for the next 8 or 9 years--which should make both of their sets of parents happy (his live in Virginia Beach, hers in Annandale).

    Today is the beauty's birthday! She's turning 28. However, we noticed her best friend, Wetherly Barker, posted a congratulatory facebook message to her wall just before midnight, so it was not exactly a birthday proposal.

    Heather is a native of Annandale and lives with Ryan and his their dog Miley in Arlington. She works part time with an iPhone app company. They have been dating for about two years, and have been smitten with each other from the start.