RHONY Loves Them Their Hamptons Coffee

by Joseph Russell · July 2, 2008

    alex mccord, jill zarin, bethenny frankelThose of you accustomed to a peaceful cuppa at Hamptons Coffee in Water Mill followed by some leisurely produce-picking at the Green Thumb next door were in for an (unpleasant?) interruption today. New York's not-so-universally-beloved housewives were filming scenes for season 2 of their reality show at both Hamptons hotspots.

    With RHONJ soon to enter the fray, it's nice to see RHONY stop trying to be hipsters (Cake Shop? Really?), or Fauxropean, and start sticking to what they know: local joints beloved for their reasonably high quality and high chances of running into Christie, Kelly, and Jerry.

    [Hamptons Cliche of the Week: $50 Egg-whites and toast at Hamptons Coffee]

    [Image via B Side Blog]