Remembering Robin Williams

Last night, news that Robin Williams had died at the age of 63 broke the hearts of millions across the world. The passing of any "celebrity"—let alone person—is always difficult for the people whose lives they touched, but what do we say about a genius, a one-in-a-million talent, a man who defined childhoods, and who made so many laugh in the face of his own private pain? With roles, and a true comedic ability, that covered an epic expanse, Robin Williams was sure to get through to you somehow. Whether your quintessential memory involves a lovable alien, a lost boy, a dad in drag, a cartoon genie, or a poetry-spouting English teacher, chances are he left an impression. Click through as we remember his most iconic moments and take a look at the Hollywood heavyweights mourning the loss of an inspiration.

[Photos via @nlfloydd, @jaydub95131]