Paris Hilton Spills Some Details On Her Upcoming Wedding!

by Christie Grimm · February 14, 2018

    “So many designers have sent such incredible sketches,” Hilton told Vogue while out and about at fashion week. 

    So how's a girl to choose? “There are so many beautiful choices that I’m definitely going to have to have some outfit changes for sure.” Clearly it's only a matter of time until the world experiences a Swarovski crystal shortage. 

    But honestly, have you stopped to consider what the wedding of Paris Hilton will be like? Because I really think you should. I'm ashamed at myself for getting this far into her having announced her engagement without sitting myself down to really imagine what this will involve. She'll have a wedding dress for every hour of the party, that's beyond obvious. But will she have multiple weddings around the country / world as well? After all, this is the girl that went on a five day celebration bender for her 21st birthday!

    There is no way she will in any way go the route of sister Nicky's London nuptials. There will be glitter, and fireworks and miniature ponies dressed as Hello Kitty. There will be one in LA, one in New York, one in Paris, like 9 in Japan - and the guest list? Oh the entertaining drama that will bring. I'm calling now a noticeably absent Kim Kardashian, despite the fact that Paris recently teamed up with her frenemy for the Yeezy campaign. But will Nicole Richie be there? What about appearances of boyfriends past?

    Will she get ready in a couture, Juicy Couture velour tracksuit ballgown? Will she start filming a new reality show just so that she's able to feature this on television?

    Time will tell. There will be pink. Lots of pink. This much we'd bet anything on.

    [Photo via @parishilton]