Caroline Vazzana On Creating Her Wonderfully Colorful Bridal Style

by Christie Grimm · August 3, 2021

    Caroline Vazzana's feed is full of bright, bold, festive, fashionable frocks - so it should come as absolutely no surprise that the Instagram style staple would carry that colorful sensibility right on into her bridal looks!

    Curious how the bride-to-be decided to punch up her chic white mini dress with a pop of pink for her recent engagement party? Read below for our exclusive chat!

    How would you describe your engagement party look?
    Traditional but with a twist! Fun, feminine, but with a little edginess! Most importantly I still felt like me!

    How did the whole ensemble come about?
    For my engagement party I wanted to wear white but with a fun Caroline pop. If you follow me on social media, you know I wear a ton of color so wearing all white didn't necessarily feel like me. I started brainstorming and thinking of ways I could incorporate white in with another, brighter color. Pink was my first thought and then from there I searched for inspiration and ultimately landed on the idea of the bow. From there I approached Nicole Miller and her team about working together around my look. I'm so lucky that I've had the honor of working with Nicole and her team for a few years now so it really was such a perfect fit. I had several fittings where we brainstormed and spoke about the dress before she brought it to life.

    For the shoes, Betsey Johnson is someone I've admired and had the honor of working with, so when I got engaged I reached out to her team. We jumped on a Zoom call and decided on shoes. I then worked together with both designers to figure out the right shade of fuchsia to try and have the shoes and dress match as perfectly as possible - I think we did a pretty good job.

    Did you feel pressure to wear white?
    A little! There definitely is this tradition around wearing white for your wedding. I do love the idea and am all for tradition but think it's so important to put your own unique spin on traditions.

    Where did you find yourself looking for style inspiration?
    Everywhere! New York is such an inspiring place and I find myself constantly inspired walking down the streets. Also, Pinterest! Pinterest is where I look whenever I'm feeling in a rut and need a spark of creativity!

    Any tips for brides-to-be looking to dress outside the norm?
    Don't feel pressure to fit into a box or try to please others. This is your day after all, so you want to wear something that makes you feel good. In my engagement party look I truly felt so beautiful and confident and you could see that shining through in all of the pictures.

    How different will your look be on the big day?
    For my wedding I definitely want something longer and a bit more dramatic. I can definitely picture myself in a gown with lots of tulle, so stay tuned!

    [Photos by Alex Samuelian]