Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. Not only does it mark a new chapter in your life, but also tends to be a big investment. There will be people pulling you in different directions and giving you all sorts of advice, making this once happy experience a very stressful one. But have no fear! I’ve broken down the basic Dos and Don’ts of buying an engagement ring to make your life easier and less stressful. So sit back, relax, and just follow these simple rules. 

Olivia Landau is a GIA Graduate Gemologist located in NYC. Ms. Landau is a sixth generation diamond dealer with ties to Antwerp, Belgium and Taiwan. Olivia is currently a diamond consultant at one of New York City’s largest diamond wholesalers. She recently launched “The Clear Cut,” a blog to educate people on how to approach buying an diamonds and engagement rings. Ms. Landau also holds degrees from New York University & Gemological Institute of America.