Tao Lin's New Bride Snorts Cocaine Off Of His Nether-Regions

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 10, 2011

    Tao Lin, the new-age novelist and supreme agent-provocateur, has tried his best to deconstruct the norm in all of his pursuits--selling equity shares in his novel Richard Yates, for example, or making (perhaps ironically) "extreme mumblecore" films. But now his cup runneth over: he provides yet another definition for nuptial/narcotic bliss.

    As the Observer reports, belletristic rogue Tao Lin got married to Megan Boyle of MDMa Films; the two wed in Las Vegas and have about $2,000 in assets between them.

    Of course, we had a particularly engaging talk with Tao Lin back in November, but we hadn't imagined the wealth of over-sharing present on his Twitter feed.

    One particularly TMI sequence from December  went like this:

    "'pulled' my penis in opposite directions near its 'head' to make it 'wider' as @ meganboyle 'poured' cocain on the now-larger surface."

    Not to be outdone, Megan Boyle Tweeted the end of the narrative:

    "snorted cocaine off @tao_lin's balls while grinning as it fell 'everywhere' and then licked the balls ~6x, some of the penis ~2x"

    Lin and Boyle seem to have dismantled the prevailing strictures of the elopement establishment and through their illicit and hyper-but-not-really-sexualized interaction. We wish them much happiness.