Is there anything you think New Yorkers can learn from Peruvian culture?

Yes, a lot! Something I get a lot from people when they go to Peru is that people are so nice, and generally nice, it's not like being nice to get something back. It's actually the normal attitude of people, and the normal way of responding and reacting is your service, and it doesn't matter where you are on the social spectrum, everyone has that very warm, open-arm hospitality, which I feel is so important because all day we're connecting with people. The whole time. That's what our days are made out of — connections. [In New York] everything is so fast, but then everyone tends to close down. It's like 'my thing, my work, the things I need to do''s very self centered, which is great in a way because it makes people be very ambitious and get amazing things done, but what's the point if you're going to be proactive during work, and then closed off [after]? I think in New York we lose this ability to relax.

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