A Taj Mahal In Amagansett

by Joseph Russell · July 29, 2008

    blues singerWorld music, though it may contain hints of several cultures, usually focuses on one. The music of the great bluesman Taj Mahal, however, manages to combine reggae, zydeco, jazz, caribbean, hawaiian, and west african folk, latin american street music, and gospel, into coherent, and suprisingly unforced melodies.

    Taj (born Henry St. Clair Fredricks) has been composing and performing since the 60's, and his music has evolved from pure rootsy blues to its current multi-ethnic busking, from one acoustic guitar to 20 different instruments, without losing steam or heart. Tonight, he's playing at the Talkhouse at 8; general admission's $150, and VIP's $165. Click here to buy tickets, and do it soon as they're almost gone!