SINGLE Threat Gears Up For Season Opener With A Little Elbow Grease

by Test EventManager · May 21, 2008

    While you are all preparing to see super glam shots on Guest of a Guest Hamptons of all the preppy preppies hopping from tented parties to polo fields to beach cabanas – I want to show you the softer (less glam) side of Los Hamptons. Every year before I load up the ‘Amagansett Outpost’ (aka my parents’ digs) with fun friends each weekend to sloth around the east end, there is a LOT of work to be done. In the beginning of every May I am emailed a bulleted list by my dad of chores that need to be done to get the house up and running for the summer season (true story). This is never a matter to be taken lightly. I often spend two weekends prior to Memorial Day doing yard work and getting everything in tip top working order.

    On several occasions I have brought friends to help – you know who you are and you definitely know I’m not kidding! I’ve bartered with friends to rake some leaves to stay a couple weekends in the summer. It actually works. All of this is in preparation of the BIG Season Opener (MEMORIAL DAY) –

    While some people drop thousands to acquire a Hamptons share for Memorial Day through Labor Day or wait around to be invited as someone’s house guest – I earn my bedroom and use of a family car while I’m out on weekends by doing hands on labor. As my good old Dad says, “IF you don’t do the work you are ‘persona non grata’ around here”. He’s not kidding, by the way! Yes, people in the Hamptons are known for employing ‘illegal aliens’ to do their caretaking – my dad employs me.

    It’s a simple faire trade agreement – I pull weeds from in between the bricks, scrub down patio furniture, clean the pool (I AM the pool boy), and help maintain the gardens (I sometimes do windows)– and I get a weekend place to stay, I get to do unlimited laundry, eat all the food I want and have unlimited internet usage ( which I’m told, I spend way too much time on the computer). In essence, a few chores allow me to live off the fat of the land and spend my summer in style. So when you see me out covering events all dressed up in my bright shiny clothes during Summer Season ‘08, don’t just pass me off as some spoiled Hamptons brat. I roll up my sleeves and bust my butt to keep myself out here! I earn my keep and it ain’t pretty.