Deluxx Fluxx Arcade Is Dizzying Good Art

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 6, 2010

    Faile and Bäst are back on the NYC scene with their pop-up version of the London Deluxx Fluxx Arcade. Neon! Vintage arcade machines! Displays using Faile and Bäst imagery! Les Savy Fav soundtracks! Recapturing your childhood love of pixelated graphics and the promise of game tickets! Do some thumb exercises and get over there now.

    You can check out a full slideshow of Rebecca Smeyne's photos at The Village Voice , and read an interview with Faile at Gothamist (in which the artists reveal that they both have new baby friends, and that they're still a little sulky about collaborator Aiko's departure four years ago.) But what you should really be plotting is your own visit to the pop-up gallery at 158 Allen Street on the LES. It's free and open Tues-Sun from 3-11 pm until May 27.

    Everything's so pretty, and possibly seizure-inducing.

    Press those arcade buttons, press them good.

    Why do we not have our own old-school arcade background screen? What are we doing with our lives?

    If our high school bedroom had looked like this, we would've worn more kerchiefs. And been homecoming queen/head QB/the lead in the drama dept.'s production of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

    Steal this home decor idea. Also, steal this lingerie idea.

    Joysticks. Snicker.

    \ In art, as in life, sheep always get shot at with laser guns.

    And yet it looks like just another sex shop from the outside.

    [All photos by Rebecca Smeyne for  The Village Voice.]