Shepard Fairey, Latest Street Artist To Legally Take On The Bowery

by Rachelle Hruska · April 21, 2010

    [The new Separd Fairey Mural on Houston and Bowery as of 8:55am via Bowery Boogie]

    Shepard Fairey, perhaps best known for his iconic images used in President Obama's "Hope" campaign is the latest street artist to (legally) take to the wall on E.Bowery and Houston Street. Coming off of major buzz from his cameos in "Exit through the Gift Shop" a glorious "Spy vs Spy" sort of film by that other street artist Banksy, Fairey's mural-directly across from the newly opened "Pulinos"- which will cover the old Os Gemeos, is sure to get people talking...

    [Old mural - Os Gemeos]

    [Shepard Spray Paints, via Nylon Mag]

    [via Nylon Mag]