As anyone who's ever been smooshed in a sweaty crowd with too many things on their schedule could tell you, festivals can be rough. Throw a dead phone, a slight budget, and some uncomfortable (but cute) shoes in the mix, and the experience can be downright chaotic. So while we love South by Southwest (we're heading down in just a few days!), we were psyched to hear that cool-ass creatives Molly Soda and Rachel Bell were teaming up with The Front to host a two-day art event away from the hustle and bustle of it all. 

Open to the public and showcasing stellar visual art, performances, readings and more, "Into You" is set to be the perfect place to take a breather while taking in awesome contemporary art. What stood out to us? At night, guests who've purchased tickets can spend the night in the gallery space. Art slumber party? We're sold. We caught up with co-curator Molly Soda (who's currently en route to Austin) to learn more about the event and why a festival oasis like this one is so necessary. 

The Front Presents: Into You, March 17-18, ATM Gallery