Bitsy's Bookshelf: Time Of Wonder

by Joseph Russell · July 9, 2008

    robert mccloskeyActually, Bitsy would probably own the entire McCloskey compendium, but Time of Wonder feels the most summer-vacationy. It's a very simple story of a two girls and their summer on an island off the coast of Maine overlooking Penobscot Bay.

    The girls sail, gather fiddleheads and shells, and endure a hurricane, all of which is told in lyrical, hushed prose with gorgeous, full color illustrations (rare for McCloskey). The book ends with the summer, and perfectly captures that feeling of the long goodbye. “Take a farewell look at the waves and sky. Take a farewell sniff of the salty sea. A little bit sad about the place you are leaving, a little big glad about the place you are going. It is a time of quiet wonder—for wondering, for instance: Where do hummingbirds go in a hurricane?” McCloskey leaves that one unanswered. Take the time to wonder. 

    [Image via Powell's Books]