Dan Rattiner's Hamptons Opus Is New York Times Approved!

by Joseph Russell · July 1, 2008

    in the hamptons

    The NYT's review of In the Hamptons, Dan Rattiner's memoir and tribute to the east end has just come out, and it's completely glowing. Descriptions of celebrated and local Hamponites past and present are written in "unassuming language, with emotional punch, telling detail, and impressive recall."

    The review really makes me want to buy this book. I want to know more about the episode with an intoxicated William de Kooning, and the tragic socialite in her gilded cage who invites Rattiner to "midnight tryst on the beach after her parents made her cancel a date," and "the middle-aged hoteliers Esther and Sarah, who basked daily on aluminum lawn chairs in front of their Memory Motel, 'tanned, heavily oiled,' and wearing 'nearly identical jaguar bikinis'. "

    I want to leave this summer with a real comprehension of the Hamptons as a whole, their people, their scenery, their vibes, and it seems In the Hamptons will be an indispensable asset.