How To Become Practically Posh

by Joseph Russell · July 9, 2008

    robyn morenoAfter our Plum TV segment at Wolffer Estate, we were lucky enough to meet their "Morning, Noon, and Night" anchor Robyn Moreno. We'd watched (and drooled over) her shows before -especially her quests for the perfect lobster roll, and were delighted to find her just as cheerful and bubbly in person as she was onscreen.

    Over more than a few glasses of Wolffer's sparkling brut, we discovered that Robyn, in addition to being a crustacean maven, had also written a book which just came out called Practically Posh: The Smart Girls' Guide To A Glam Life. A lighthearted guide to luxurious living on a lackluster budget, PP is just up our, and probably a few of your, allies. In Robyn's own words, PP "is all about working with what you have, then WORKING what you have. It’s about tapping your resourcefulness, from re-inventing your own wardrobe, to making a slamming dinner with items in the fridge, to showing off your best assets. Got great gams, but a Mac and Cheese belly? Guess who’s going to be rocking the hell out that baby doll dress." Like where she's going? You can buy her book here; check out her blog here, or watch her "poshify" the Today Show here.