Kapoor In Berlin Kapoor In Berlin

Is this real life? Or is it a dream within a dream like a scene from Inception? Or a Psy music video, Gangnam style? You’ll be questioning reality too when you go see the most out-of-this-world exhibition, “Kapoor in Berlin,” by one of the world’s most important contemporary artists. Ticking every box possible that could induce “artgasms” in art lovers, Indian-British artist Anish Kapoor presented his world of explosive color-meets-form in Berlin last Saturday. The exhibit, which took place at Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum, featured a 50/50 mix of both works dating back three decades and brand new pieces. Click through to find out more about the show and see his amazing artwork!

Photo Credits: Jens Ziehe, Dave Morgan, Markus Tretter, Nic Tenwiggenhorn, David Regen, Mark Power

Photos courtesy of Anish Kapoor, Gladstone Gallery, and Lisson Gallery.