Berlin Is Still Hot.

by Rachelle Hruska · March 23, 2010

    Bikram Yoga is so two years ago. Your dog isn't cute anymore. Juice Cleanses and Raw Diets are making you cranky as shit. Even Keith McNally seems stuck in the past. So what's a cosmopolitan type  to do?  Head to Berlin.

    “There are times when you feel that a city is almost the center of the world. At the moment, it’s Berlin.” - Artistic Director Clive Gillinson compared Berlin in the '00s to London in the 60's and Paris in the '20s.

    Berlin seems to still be hot:

    Woody Allen, Soon Yi Previn, Unter Den Linden

    Actor and director WOODY ALLEN leaving the Borchardt restaurant in Berlin and taking a nice long walk with his wife SOON YI PREVIN along historic promenade Unter Den Linden. (March 22, 2010 - Photo by Photo Agency)

    Berlin recaptures the frenetic cultural vitality of 1980s New York better than any other city.[Post]

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    Woody Allen